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The area of which Sweetwater county is a part came into the possession of the United States through the Louisiana Purchase, the settlement of the Oregon question, and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. As a part of U. S. Territory it has at various periods, in part or as a whole, been under the jurisdiction of the Territory of Oregon, the Territory of Utah, the Territory of Nebraska, the Territory of Idaho and the Territory of Dakota. On January 9, 1867, the Dakota Legislative Assembly created and organized Wyoming's first county, Laramie, which occupied all of present Wyoming except what later was added from Utah and Idaho on December 27, 1867. Dakota laws created Carter County from the western half of Laramie. These counties extended from the southern to the northern boundaries of Wyoming. South Pass City was the county seat. At the time of the passage of the Organic Act, July 25,1868, creating Wyoming Territory, Wyoming contained TWO counties, Laramie and Carter. Carbon and Albany Counties were established later, on December 16,1868, dividing Laramie and Carter Counties. The first Wyoming Legislative Assembly changed the name of Carter to Sweetwater as namesake of the Sweetwater River. In 1873 the Third Assembly changed the county seat from South Pass to Green River. The boundaries of the county were changed several times as new counties were created and adjustment was made on the eastern boundary, but these were permanently established when Wyoming achieved statehood.

--from A Survey of Wyoming County Courthouses

Marriage records begin in 1870, land records and court records in 1867, and probate records in 1868. Most probate records from 1870 to the 1940's have been transferred to the Wyoming State Archives in Cheyenne.

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